I just received adaptive equipment that enables me to stand and sit at my work desk. I have a job that requires me to sit at my desk all day in front of a computer. My A1C has been steadily rising since I've worked at my company over 7 years now. Fortunately, an employee can request this equipment only if your doctor claims you have a disability. 
Is diabetes a disability?  Well, quite literally, diabetes is NOT a disability; however, if our diabetes runs out of control, and we sustain complications, those complications will become a disability. So, am I entitled to this piece of equipment?  Apparently, my company thinks so. Most of my co-workers have rallied around me lauding the decision to try at least one invention for keeping blood sugars stable.  A few downer employees don't see how I'm entitled to it...they claim diabetes is NOT a disability.  Should we look at this through a black or white lens? Wouldn't it benefit a company to keep an employee healthy?  Check out this article by Dr. Levine from the Mayo Clinic. I